13 Abril, 2022

Dr. Nathan Wolfe foi um cidadão fundador do Projecto TerraMar de Ghislaine Maxwell; membro da Fundação Edge; um autoproclamado “caçador de vírus” cuja área de investigação é as doenças zoonóticas com especial enfoque nos morcegos; com ligações ao Instituto Wuhan de Virologia e à Aliança EcoHealth; que anteriormente deu resposta a epidemias enquanto vendia seguros contra pandemias; cuja empresa Metabiota que é financiada por Rosemont Seneca, Google, The Skoll Foundation, entre outros, recebeu um sub-contrato com o programa DTRA do exército dos EUA para trabalhar em biolabs ucranianos.

A few days before the end of March Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zakharova published a timeline of US-Ukraine bioresearch headed “BioBiden.” Of the 23 timeline points she listed, Nathan Wolfe or organisations associated with him – Metabiota and Global Viral – were explicitly mentioned in 8 of them:
2007 – US DoD employee Nathan Wolfe founded Global Viral Forecasting Institute (subsequently – Global Viral), a biomedical company. The mission stated in the charter is non-commercial study of transborder infections, including in China.
2014 – Metabiota, a private commercial organisation specialising in the study of pandemic risks is detached from Global Viral. Neil Callahan and John DeLoche, employees of Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca Partners are appointed to the board of Metabiota. Global Viral and Metabiota begin to get funding from the US Department of Defence.
2014 – Metabiota shows interest in Ukraine and invites Hunter Biden to “assert Ukraine’s cultural & economic independence from Russia”.
2014 – Metabiota and Burisma Holdings begin cooperation on an unnamed “science project in Ukraine”.
2014 – Metabiota, Global Viral and Black & Veatch Special Projects begin full-fledged cooperation within the US DoD programmes.
2014-2016 – Implementation of Metabiota and US DoD contracts, including a $300,000 project in Ukraine.
2016 – former US Assistant Secretary for Defence Andrew Weber is appointed head of Metabiota’s global partnerships department.
2016 – EcoHealth Alliance, a Global Viral founder Nathan Wolfe’s structure, is engaged in the study of bat-transmitted coronaviruses at the research centre in a Wuhan laboratory, China.
Considering the accusation is US political elites’ involvement in the military biological activity in Ukraine, it perhaps indicates Moscow has identified Nathan Wolfe as a person of interest in what Zakharova termed “this truly diabolical plan.”