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A vaccine too far

Doctor Pedro Girão argues that “the arguments that were and continue to be used publicly about vaccines in general, and now very concretely about the

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Comorbidities and deaths in Italy

97,1% of the analysed patients with COVID-19 that died in Italy had comorbidities, that is, less than 3% of the deaths occurred in persons without

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Regain the right to live

Doctors and health experts propose new approaches to combat the pandemic and argue that extraordinary containment measures “have already proven to have no impact on

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Nothing about this coronavirus is new.

In a conversation with lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, patent expert David Martin explains that there is nothing new with the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, describing the history of

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Statement of lawyer Reiner Füllmich

Attorney Reiner Füllmich is a member of the German-based Corona Investigation Committee that since July 2020 has been conducting multi-hour live sessions to investigate why

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